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Change is the only constant in the grocery channel. Store openings, store closures, mergers and divestitures, we’ve seen it all.  This ever-evolving industry can be confusing and rewarding at the same time. Sunwest Sales has 30 years of experience navigating the grocery channel and building brands, both from the ground-up and existing.


Sunwest Sales takes the time to work with our vendors to create a program tailored to the marketplace. You will work directly with one of our brand managers to customize your programs and itemization to fit the market and your goals.


Yes, we can process your promotions like the big brokers. However, that is only a small part of what will make your brand successful. You must go the extra mile in our market to make a difference.


We go that extra mile every day.

Refrigerated Goods

Pete Horne

Sr. VP of Sales

Office extension #104

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